"I only care about us being together—forever."
"You—you really mean that?"
"From the bottom of my fluid sac."
Sy Snootles and Ziro the Hutt[src]

The fluid sac was an organ that the sentient Pa'lowick species[1] had in place of a heart.[2] It was sometimes used in the phrase "from the bottom of my fluid sac," which was used by Pa'lowicks to emphasize sincerity.[1]

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The fluid sac was first mentioned in "Hunt for Ziro", the ninth epsiode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars third season. Although the subtitles for "Hunt for Ziro" spelled sac as sack,[1] the letter k was removed from fluid sac's spelling in later sources published on[2][3] This article assumes that sac is the correct spelling.



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