Flurry was a Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser that was converted into a starfighter carrier.


Schematics of the Flurry.

The Flurry was a SoroSuub Corporation-created Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser. The cruiser was 340 meters long. Originally, the craft operated as a bulk cruiser, complete with cargo brackets secured under the main hull brace which separated the forward command pod, which contained crew bunk rooms and the ship's bridge, from the rear of the ship, where the engines and additional cargo space was located.

When the Sullustans transferred the ship to the Virgillians, along with a number of other cruisers of the same make, they stripped the ship down to its most basic components; gone were the cargo bracings and much of the interior workings until the ship consisted of a hull, command pod, central brace, and engines. A large hangar was installed where there was empty space towards the front of the rear half of the ship. This hangar could contain around fifty starfighters, depending on their individual sizes. Tractor beams located on either side of the hangar helped guide pilots into and out of their fighter berths. Behind the main flight deck, which occupied most of the ship's interior space, were a number of facilities for repair and maintenance. The Virgillians further modified the ship with military-grade heavy turbolasers and shield generators, stolen from Imperial forces occupying the Virgillian sector.

Because it was only very lightly armed with two heavy turbolasers, the Flurry's mission profile consisted of dropping fighters into the midst of a battle, and then retreating to operate the battle from a safe distance. If the ship fell under attack, the commander of the cruiser would be forced to rely on its starfighter coverage. Most of the Flurry's crew consisted of starfighter mechanics; the fighting force operating the ship was only required to be a handful of people, thus allowing the ship to be flown with a minimal crew count. A number of astromech droids assisted both the targeting and navigation crews with calculations.

Battle Analysis Computer[]

Towards the latter part of its operation, a prototype Battle Analysis Computer, or BAC for short, was installed into the ship's systems. This unit was designed by Rebellion hero Jan Dodonna before his capture and built by a team of his scientists using Dodonna's plans. The BAC displayed detailed representations of the battle by gleaning information and images from each individual starfighters' and allied ships' navigation and combat computers. This allowed for pinpoint strategic maneuvering through the entire battle group. Unfortunately for the burgeoning government, the device was destroyed with the Flurry.


The Flurry was a Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser, manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation some time before 4 ABY.

Virgillian Civil War[]

Tessa Manchisco, captain of the Flurry.

The ship made its way into the hands of the Virgillian Free Alignment by way of sympathetic Sullustans, who donated several other Quasar Fire-class cruisers. These cruisers, along with the Flurry, were stripped of the components non-essential to combat, such as the cargo clamps, leaving only the main frame and hull plating, drive engines, and forward command pod. The Virgillians further modified the collection of ships, refitting a large hangar so the bulk cruisers could operate as carriers. They also installed military-grade shield deflectors and weapons.

Once transferred from the Sullustans and modified to serve its carrier role, the Virgillians added the ship to their fleet to assist in the Virgillian Civil War against the ruling Aristocracy. Captain Tessa Manchisco commanded the ship during its service, until the termination of the civil war in 4 ABY, when they ousted the Imperials occupying their planet. Because the Rebel Alliance had joined forces with the Alignment earlier in 1 BBY, and because their aid assisted in winning the civil war, the Flurry, its captain, and its crew were commissioned to the Rebellion's fleet at the war's end.

Conflict at Bakura[]

With the Flurry added to Rebellion assets, the ship went on to fulfill its intended role with its new force. This role may have been utilized during the Battle of Endor. A few days after the Rebel victory and the destruction of the second Death Star, Wedge Antilles discovered an older-model drone ship with an urgent message originally destined for the now-disposed Emperor Palpatine. Alliance command consisting of Mon Mothma, Admiral Gial Ackbar, and various other leaders, decided to investigate in an effort to gain Bakura's allegiance.

The Flurry was called upon to assist. Because of the emergency status of the mission and the proximity to the victory at Endor which occurred only a few days previous, the Flurry was only outfitted with whatever starfighters the Rebellion had to spare - twenty X-wings, three A-wings, and four B-wings, all of which had not received full maintenance checkups. The carrier-cruiser was also outfitted with an experimental Battle Analysis Computer designed by General Jan Dodonna. This new system provided the crew of the Flurry a way of creating composite images of any battle the ship would encounter by linking information gathered from the navi— and combat computers as well as visual recording devices of the Alliance's forces.

Luke Skywalker was selected to command the battle from the carrier-cruiser, with Captain Manchisco leading the ship's movements.


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Victory and defeat[]

Unfortunately, as the tide of the battle began to turn against the Ssi-ruuk factions, the Dominant opened fire on the Quasar Fire-class carrier. The suddenness and power of the attack caused the immediate destruction of the entire ship. All hands were lost as a result; no one managed to reach an escape pod with enough time to spare. The cruiser's actions and destruction were not in vain, as the invading Ssi-ruuk were routed, and the Imperial presence on Bakura was removed. Though they did not join forces with the Rebellion, the Bakuran government agreed to be mutual allies. The crew of the Flurry was honored posthumously for their actions. The Flurry's captain may have expected that the Imperial cruiser would destroy the ship as she told Luke Skywalker on Bakura that the talk was the last time they would serve together.

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