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The Flying Bantha crashes through a window.

The Flying Bantha was an atmospheric craft. The craft's design borrowed many design elements from the bantha, including stylized hull plates which mimicked an actual bantha's shape. The unknown devices located towards the rear of the vehicular unit shared many design elements with that of the Ubrikkian-manufactured Bantha-II cargo skiff; whether the Flying Bantha was made by the same company is unknown.

A vehicle of this type was utilized in an attempted theft of an unknown restaurant on Coruscant, around 32 BBY. The theft, however, would be unsuccessful. This event was coincidentally foreshadowed seconds earlier by Jedi Master Yoda, who had been discussing Anakin Skywalker's future with fellow Jedi Master Mace Windu, as a sarcastic refusal towards training Anakin.

Behind the scenesEdit

As the Flying Bantha shares many design components with the Bantha-II cargo skiff, including a similar name and several shared design elements, it is probable that it was manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries. However, this is never confirmed in-universe.


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