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"While they may not be X-wings they should do the job."
―Hanc Thorben[src]

Flying Bantha Squadron was a Rebel Alliance unit made up of four modified TIE fighters.


Battle Giels armada

The chaos of the Battle of the secret armada.

The starfighters were obtained through black market channels from Orion Ferret. Led by Commander Luke Skywalker, the squadron was filled out by the pilots Alph, Captain Shira Brie and Captain Hanc Thorben.

The squadron was formed specifically for Operation Earplug, which sought to end the threat of the Empire's utilization of the bizarre Teezl. The fighters were bought from a disreputable arms-dealer and refitted with shields, hyperdrive and nav computers by Rebel technicians under Thorben's supervision.

The refitted TIEs were tested against the Imperial outpost Spindrift, where they performed perfectly. The attack against the secret armada was also a success, with the teezl destroyed, but only two TIEs survived—those belonging to Skywalker and Thorben.

Those two fighters were claimed by the New Republic Intelligence Service who later used them for occasional fact-finding forays against the Imperial Remnant.



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