"How does she expect anyone to get there, a flying leaf?"

A flying leaf was a transportation device that the Leaf Queen sent to the Ewok shaman Logray in 3 ABY. In his absence, several young Ewoks took it instead, traveling to the Sun King's palace.


"You don't expect me to get in that thing?"
―Latara refuses to get in[1]

A flying leaf was an orange contraption shaped like a large leaf used by the Leaf Queen, a deity on the Forest Moon of Endor.[1]


"[Chuckles nervously] A flying leaf."

Teebo tries to perform magic in the flying leaf.

In 3 ABY,[2] the queen sent a flying leaf to Bright Tree Village to pick up the Ewok shaman Logray, whom she needed to help her. Since Logray was unavailable, the young Ewoks Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Latara, Wicket Warrick, and Teebo took the leaf instead, despite Latara resisting to get in.[1]

While it transported the Ewoks to the Sun King's palace, Teebo tried to use a magic potion to fix the cold weather around them; instead, the spell sliced the flying leaf in half, causing a moment of concern for the Ewoks, although the leaf quickly mended itself. However, the evil Snow King's Iceheads then attacked the flying leaf, causing Kintaka to fall in the snow. After the Iceheads fell overboard as well, the flying leaf took the remaining three Ewoks on a twisting, spinning ride, eventually sending them over a cliff and crashing in the snow.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The flying leaf was created for "The Season Scepter,"[1] the thirteenth episode in the second season of the animated television series Ewoks. The episode was written by Bob Carrau, and it premiered on November 1, 1986.[3]


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