Flynn Kybo was a male Human Jedi Padawan and Commander during the Clone Wars.


Kybo's Master, T'chooka D'oon, was killed by General Grievous on a mission to Vandos to rescue Ambassador Quiyyen. As a result, he gathered a band of Jedi to seek out Grievous and kill him, something the Jedi Council did not approve of.

They eventually found him on the moon Belsus in the Anoat system, where he was keeping several young Padawans hostage. As Codi Ty evacuated the Padawans, Kybo and B'dard Tone battled Grievous with blazing lightsabers. Master Tone was killed, and Kybo, in a desperate move, cut open a nearby gas pipe, spilling it into the magma below, hoping to kill Grievous as well as himself. He succeeded in the latter, but Grievous survived.



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