"This alien seems to have an aversion to violence and has never been known to engage in battle; however, Kn'ik is quite crafty and has eluded several bounty hunters through deception."
―A bounty posting on Kn'ik Th'ronik[src]

The Fnessian were a sentient species indigenous to the Inner Rim planet Fnessal. They had two eyestalks on their head, from the back of which grew thick, fleshy tendrils. Fnessian biology included a gender known as "thos." Kn'ik Th'ronik was a Fnessian smuggler during the period of the Galactic Civil War and stole the freighter Morgannier while on Ord Mantell, causing the SoroSuub Corporation to place a large bounty on the Fnessian's head.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Fnessian were a sentient species. They were humanoid,[2] with two upper limbs that ended in hands with at least four fingers.[3] Their heads had two flexible eyestalks, one extending upward from each side.[1] A number of thick fleshy tendrils covered the back of their heads,[2] growing downward. Fnessians also had a row of other corrugations on their faces.[1]

The Fnessian had a gender known as "thos." The Fnessian Kn'ik Th'ronik was a thos and lived to at least thirty-five standard years of age.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

The smuggler Th'ronik was rumored to have an aversion to violence and had never engaged in battle; the Fnessian instead escaped several bounty hunters using deception and was reputed to be a crafty individual.[1]


The Fnessian were native to the planet Fnessal,[1] part of the Inner Rim Territories of the galaxy,[4] which they inhabited at the time of the Galactic Civil War. During this time, the Fnessian Kn'ik Th'ronik smuggled weapons and droids and was suspected of having ties with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. While on Ord Mantell, Th'ronik stole the freighter Morgannier, earning the ire of the SoroSuub Corporation. They placed a AurebeshSans-Serif credit4,000 bounty on Th'ronik for either his capture or proof of his death; in the event of the latter, SoroSuub could verify his identity with a genetic sample kept on their file. SoroSuub also offered a bonus of gems worth AurebeshSans-Serif credit10,000 if the Morgannier was returned in good condition. Associates of the Fnessian included the Human Timma Briss[1] and the Sullustan[5] Bolabo Hujaan, although Th'ronik frequently worked alone.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Fnessians were created for the West End Games sourcebook No Disintegrations, published in 1997. It included a Fnessian in an appendix of additional bounties. The Fnessians have since received a mention in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.


Notes and appearancesEdit

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