Foamwander City was one of the largest floating cities on Dac.


Its outer shell design was analogous to that of a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, while on the whole it was very similar to an iceberg. Its top side consisted of mostly entry ports and hangar bays while the bottom, underneath the surface of the water, was the main portion of the city.

Foamwander City was one of the largest cities on Dac and a major center for commerce and industry. Beyond its role in the planetary economy, the city's name was generally associated with the Foamwander Five for their actions in organizing the Mon Calamari resistance during the Galactic Civil War. Cilghal lived there.

The city sustained great amounts of damage after an assault by Admiral Natasi Daala, though Admiral Gial Ackbar and his assistant Terpfen quickly oversaw construction to repair the city.

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