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"Oh, I don't care what universe you're from. That's gotta hurt!"

Fodesinbeed Annodue, better known as Fode and Beed, was a Troig podracing announcer. Both heads acted as separate beings, with the red head named Fode and the green head named Beed. During races, Fode and Beed would provide color commentary; Fode would speak in a Galactic Basic Standard drawl while Beed would provide information in Huttese. Fode and Beed were on the call to announce the Boonta Eve Classic on the planet Tatooine in 32 BBY.[4]

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Behind the scenes[]

Capurrosinproops bts

Scott Capurro and Greg Proops portraying Fode and Beed

Fode and Beed first made their appearance in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, and appeared in subsequent media related to The Phantom Menace and podracing. They were portrayed by comedians Greg Proops and Scott Capurro respectively. During pre-production, attempts were made to have them appear in make-up with the rest of their bodies covered in blue suits for compositing later. Ultimately the marriage of their live-action performances with CGI was not realistic enough, and the character became fully computer generated. At that point, Proops and Capurro were playing Beed and Fode respectively. The reason for the reversal of their roles remains unknown. The first Fode and Beed action figure used the original actors' faces.


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