"I'll bring everyone down on you—military and New Republic Intelligence. After the stunts you've pulled, you'll be lucky to get a life sentence on Fodurant."
―A mysterious Telbun to Reck Desh[src]

Fodurant was a New Republic prison world.

In 19 ABY, Luke Skywalker was warned by the controller of a pirate base that they knew he had been out to obtain evidence for imprisoning them for twenty years on either Fodurant or Beauchen.

During Yuuzhan Vong War, in 25 ABY, Reck Desh went to a secret appointment in Kuat City, and was watched closely by his men Ven and Wotson. A mysterious Telbun threatened him with the army and all intelligence service of the New Republic, saying that he would be fortunate to get life imprisonment in Fodurant if they caught him.



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