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The Foerost campaign took place in 20.1 BBY during the Clone Wars, which ultimately decided who would control the Core Worlds.

History[edit | edit source]

The large Techno Union-held shipyards of Foerost had been blockaded by the Galactic Republic since the beginning of the war, to ensure that the factories there would atrophy, being severed from the CIS supply line.

Almost two full years after the blockade was initiated, Techno Union engineers emerged from the system with their newest weapon: the Bulwark Mark I battlecruiser, a kilometer-long metal behemoth that rammed through the Republic ships with ease. Bristling with ion cannons, turbolasers, and significant armor, the Bulwark Fleet smashed outposts all through Coruscant's Sector Zero with impunity, aged Sullustan commander Dua Ningo leading the way.

In the face of such reckless hate, the Republic's hand was forced; they debuted their newest ship, the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, half a year ahead of schedule. Led by young Captains Jan Dodonna and Terrinald Screed, the Victory Fleet fought valiantly in battles at Ixtlar, Alsakan, and Basilisk; however, Ningo and the Bulwark Fleet remained intact.

The final battle in the Foerost conflict came to an end above Anaxes, where the Bulwark Fleet was finally destroyed.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Foerost campaign was created by Dan Wallace specifically for The New Essential Chronology to explain the origins of the Bulwark battlecruisers from Star Wars: Rebellion.

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