Folor Base was a Rebel Alliance and later Republic training facility in the Commenor system. The base was commanded by General Horton Salm in 6.5 ABY and General Edor Crespin at the time it was disbanded in 8 ABY.

Both of Wedge Antilles' squadrons, the reformed Rogues and the experimental Wraiths, trained at Folor Base, and so did Defender Wing, Blue Squadron, and others. Commander Varth's wing was stationed at Folor Base when they were pulled Core-ward for defense during the Hunt for Zsinj. Folor Base was an excellent facility for starfighter training thanks to its proximity to the Pig Trough and the challenging flights offered by Folor's asteroid field.

The base was supported by two Rebel transports and had a secondary unmanned facility 180° around the moon's equator. Beacons and other electronics could be remotely turned on at this facility to lure any attackers there instead of the well-hidden base under the moon's surface. This was, in fact, what fooled Admiral Apwar Trigit long enough for the pilots stationed at Folor Base to escape during the battle that resulted in the abandonment and destruction of Folor Base in 7 ABY.

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