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Fondor cloaking device

The Fondor cloaking device was a large cloaking device that was to be installed on various Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts. They were large towers with discharging energies. They can be destroyed with starfighter blasters and other weapons mounted on starfighters, but they require a significant amount of firepower to destroy. As such, they are often defended with turbolaser towers surrounding them. In addition, because of their size and their exposure, large sections of Star Dreadnoughts accompanying them often have to clear away sections of the ship that would normally have the ship class's characteristic cityscape buildings. These devices, if all are destroyed, will also cause a chain reaction that will cause the entire ship to blow, as well as anything in the immediate vicinity of the doomed ship.

Three were installed on one such Star Dreadnought, located near the stern; right below the command tower; and at the edge of the bow of the cityscape. These cloaking devices were later destroyed by Rogue Squadron during an assault on the Fondor Shipyards, along with the ship they were installed on.



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