"Yesterday, a Nallastian freighter failed to return from a trip to Esseles. Nallastian authorities contacted the Fondor Space Patrol, which sent a patrol ship to search for the freighter, starting in the area where it should have dropped out of hyperspace. But instead of finding the freighter, the patrol ship found the derelict that fit the Sun Runner's profile ... Nallastian authorities [had also] intercepted a signal from a distress beacon in space. Evidently, the beacon came from the missing freighter ... The beacon was transmitting a message that the crew had found the Sun Runner ... Fondor sent a salvage hauler, and Nallastia sent a rescue runner. The rescue runner arrived at the derelict first and the salvage hauler just minutes later. To the surprise of the salvagers, there was no sign of the patrol ship ... Both Nallastia and Fondor claim the derelict and they have exchanged dangerous accusations of sabotage, theft, and abduction. Meanwhile, the freighter and the patrol ship are still missing."
―Jedi Knight Bultar Swan informs Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker about the Fondor Space Patrol's encounter with what appeared to be the ancient transport, the Sun Runner[src]

Fondor Space Patrol monitored the space in the Fondor system. In 23 BBY, a patrol ship was sent to look for a lost Nallastian freighter that had failed to return from Esseles in the Darpa sector, but instead encountered what appeared to be an ancient passenger freighter, the Sun Runner. But after sending out an orb-shaped messenger droid to report its find to Fondor authorities, the Space Patrol ship itself ended up vanishing also. The Space Patrol ship was later discovered by the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker within the pressurized hangar of a counterfeit Sun Runner, held captive by a force field generated by a tractor-beam projector.

The Space Patrol continued to aid the Jedi in their 23 BBY mission to Fondor.