"What do you know of this place?"
"Well, it's a very powerful nexus of the dark side."
―Sarasu Taalon and Luke Skywalker[src]

The Font of Power was a nexus of dark side Force energy located on Abeloth's planet inside Abeloth's cave.[1] It was also found in the realm of the Force known as beyond shadows, which was commonly accessed by the Force-sensitives known as the Mind Walkers, who reached the realm by separating their minds from their bodies. The Font of Power appeared as a fountain in an overgrown courtyard.

According to the Mind Walkers, it was tainted by the dark side of the Force and offered limitless power of all of the past and the future if drunk from. Both Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo were offered the opportunity to drink from the Font of Power, and both declined.[2] Abeloth brought Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai to the Font of Power so they could drink from it and become the new Son and Daughter, recreating the family of Ones who would reshape the galaxy in their image. Vestara was tempted to drink in hopes that their new forms would enable them to defeat Abeloth but Ben convinced her otherwise. When Abeloth grew impatient, Ben opened himself to the Force, shielding himself from the Font's power, instead drawing on the power of all his loved ones throughout the galaxy and attacked Abeloth. Ultimately, he and Vestara were able to destroy the Korelei-avatar.



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