Fonterrat was a scavenger of an unknown alien species of rodent-like beings with big eyes and ears, a sharp snout, and gray-brown fur which covered much of the body.


Fonterrat discovered the Emperor's plague storehouse in the Deep Core and its vast cache of biological and chemical weapons created by General Evir Derricote including the dreaded Human-specific virus created known as the Emperor's Plague.

He then offered to sell the information to Nolaa Tarkona, leader of the Human-hating Diversity Alliance, though he refused to deal directly with her, suggesting that she send a neutral party to meet him on Kuar. When negotiating, he also provided her with one sample of the virus which she used to seal his payment. The neutral party turned out to be the shipping tycoon Bornan Thul (who owned Bornaryn Trading). In exchange for the navicomputer module that contained the coordinates for the asteroid, Bornan paid with a time-locked case filled with credits.

Bornan was then supposed to deliver it to Nolaa at a trade conference on Shumavar but he found out about what lay within the plague storehouse and went into hiding. Later, Fonterrat went to the all-Human colony on Gammalin where he used the plague to wipe out the population. Before the plague had taken its effect, Fonterrat was imprisoned by the colonists. Since the plague wiped out everyone on the colony other than Fonterrat, he died in his cell of starvation since there was no one to take care of him.



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