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Various foodstuffs at Boba Fett's Palace

"Now, would you like some food? Are you hungry? – Okay. Fetch us something to eat. Quick! "
―Peli Motto to Grogu, before addressing her pit droids[1]

Foodstuff, or food, was nourishment needed for sentient beings to survive.[2] Many fruit, such as jogan fruit, were a type of food.[3] On Imperial starships, officers were encouraged to avoid consuming solid food and drink nutritive beverages instead, because it was more efficient in terms of ship resources and officer time.[4] Food included cakes, fruit, and ration packs.

Some types of food contained bones; when Peli Motto instructed her pit droids to fetch food for Grogu, she asked them to get something with bones in it.[1]

"To put food on the table" was a term for providing enough money to cover basic necessities, such as food.[5]

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