The Foothill Paths was an area of grassland and foothills on the planet Alderaan. It was considered part of the Apalis Coast and troops loyal to the House of Organa, whose estate was built nearby, were stationed in the area throughout the Cold War. The Organa soldiers fought with troops from the House of Thul in this region during the Alderaan Civil War.


The Foothill Paths was the name of an area of the Apalis Coast on the planet Alderaan during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The area consisted of wooded grassland and rocky foothills which could be coated with snow in some seasons. A path, which included a fountain and benches, was built across the area connecting the bordering Pallista Spaceport and the estate of House of Organa. As well as the spaceport and the estate, the area also bordered with the Organa power generators and the Deforested Slopes. The area also included a small Republic medical outpost and a air taxi pad on the outskirts of the Organa estate.[1]


House Organa, one of the Alderaanian noble houses who supported the Republic, controlled the Foothill Paths during the Cold War, and soldiers and guard droids loyal to the House patrolled the area, in which they also set up gun emplacements and flew the House's banner. During the Alderaan Civil War, forces of House of Thul, a rival noble house who had sided with the Empire, invaded the area, battling House Organa's troops and damaging the foot path.[1] Liagri, a Twi'lek Sergeant in the Republic Army, was stationed next to the area's medical post, where he was contacted by Brant Organa concerning coastal sensor arrays that needed repair.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Foothill Paths first appeared in the 2011 MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic which was released by BioWare.



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