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In 34 BBY, a research station was set up near Forard on Almas to study the kaluthin and investigate the possibility of transplanting it to other worlds. Cross-pollinating the kaluthin with alien plants was also attempted.[1]

The station had seven levels total, three below ground. The kaluthin was allowed to grow up through the floors of the facility, its glow providing natural lighting. The lower levels allowed the roots of the plant to be studied. Unknown to the senior researchers, some darker experiments were also conducted on the lower levels.[1]

The station was sponsored by a consortium of Core world universities. The facility had found no answers in its first three years of operation. Depending on how a researcher saw their careers, being posted to such a remote world could have been seen as a punishment. Others, such as Gilloma, relished the research opportunities.[1]

The station was being spied, and their progresses were reported to an undisclosed party on Genarius.[1]



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