The Forbidden Fortress of the Gorax was a gigantic rock fortress located in the middle of the Desert of Salma on the forest moon of Endor. It was filled with deep crevices and giant spiders. Its single occupant was a Gorax, who had captured Jeremitt and Catarine Towani. The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village were scared and fearful of the Fortress, and would avoid it at all costs. The Ewoks advised their Human friends to stay away from it as well. But when Logray divined that the Fortress was where young Mace and Cindel's parents could be found, Deej and his three sons were forced to journey to it in order to rescue them.

It was filled with deep crevices and giant spiders. The Gorax's abode lay within at the top of a flight of mammoth stairs, at the bottom of which lay an apparently bottomless abyss. The abyss was bridged by a gigantic spiderweb, home to several rearing spiders which the adventurers were forced to fight their way past. Killing the second spider caused the entire web itself to fall into the abyss, leaving nothing to break the Gorax's later fall after he was tripped up by a rope trap set up by Deej and Jeremitt while coming down the stairs, and then shot in the shoulder by Catarine using Mace's blaster.

However, the tenacious Gorax managed to grab onto the side of the cliff wall and climbed back up, menacing Cindel, Wicket, and Widdle on their side of the chasm. They were saved when Mace threw Chukha-Trok's axe and hit the Gorax in the back of his neck, making him lose his grip and plummet into the chasm—this time for good. The adventurers and the Towani parents then returned to Bright Tree Village, leaving the empty Fortress behind.

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