Forbidden Fruit was a roleplaying adventure written by Nigel D. Findley published in the magazine Adventures Unlimited 2. It was written to as a tie-in to the West End Games sourcebook Goroth: Slave of the Empire, also written by Findley. A month after writing this adventure, Findley passed away. The article was illustrated by Gavin Lonergan. In its copyright attribution the articles specified that "This adventure is unofficial and is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd."

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

The T'B'Deli'Mai, an organization on oppressed Goroth Prime, has a plan to reactivate an ion cannon on the planet's moon V'Sar and use it to attack the Imperial Star Destroyers present in the system. The Alliance to Restore the Republic caught word of the plan, and predicted that it would cause the Empire to retaliate with biological weapons that would destroy all life on the planet. In order to prevent this occurring, the Rebels sent a team to Goroth to stop the T'B'Deli'Mai and also prevent the Imperials hearing word of the plot, since that could also lead to an attack on the planet.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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