The Force-flash was a Force power employed when the person using it did not want to be seen. Related to Droid Disable, the user could temporarily disable a security holocam, causing a brief period of static, allowing the user to pass while only alerting security to a minor holocam malfunction. Another usage of the Force under the same name allowed the Force-user to produce an unnatural flash of bright light, temporary blinding his opponents. Abeloth was capable of producing a flash so powerful, it could affect the visuals of ships in an entire Star system.[1]

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The only recorded users of this ability were Lumiya, Alema Rar, Jacen Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Skywalker, Seff Hellin, Jaina Solo, Tahiri Veila and Bazel Warv, though it seems reasonable to assume that most Jedi could acquire it with practice. Due to the nature of it, it is quite possible that others knew how to use it but are not seen in the appropriate situation.



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