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"The Force is unusually strong with him, that much is clear."
Qui-Gon Jinn, about Anakin Skywalker[src]
Yoda teaching

Yoda training a group of young Force-sensitives

A Force-sensitive, also known as a Force-user or Force Adept,[1] referred to any living organism that was keenly attuned to the flow of the mysterious energy field known as the Force. An indication of Force-sensitivity was the number of midi-chlorians in a subject's cells, with Force-sensitives possessing an above-average number of these microscopic lifeforms in comparison to the general population of the galaxy. Among their natural gifts, Force-sensitives possessed a precognitive ability, making their reflexes faster than others.[2] With proper training, Force-sensitives could learn to consciously sense and manipulate that energy, which gave them special powers.[3]

There existed several organizations that focused on the training of Force-sensitive individuals, each with a different philosophy; while the Jedi Order drew their strength from the light side of the Force to protect the galaxy,[4] the Sith harnessed the power of the dark side for their own benefit.[5] Other Force-sensitive organizations included the Force wielders,[6] Force Priestesses,[7] the Nightsisters of Dathomir,[8] the Ordu Aspectu,[9] and the Frangawl Cult of Bardotta.[10]

Project Harvester was an Imperial project designed to cull Force-sensitive individuals.[11]

Non-sentient organisms could be Force-sensitive as well. Uneti trees, such as the one that grew at the heart of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, or the one planted near the Dameron homestead on Yavin 4, could possess a strong connection to the Force.[12]


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