The Force 57 was a political faction of the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh in the period of turmoil around 3000 BBY. They were inspired from the tales of the original Red Sith living on Kesh. In 3000 BBY no one knew much about the original 57 non-Human members of the crew of the Omen since Seelah Korsin had taken steps to erase their existence from memory. But the Keshiri tales spoke of those early Omen crew members as being deformed in some way and opposite of Seelah's perfect Human specimens. During the Time of the Rot, a faction that revered the memory of the original 57 emerged. All members of the faction, even those least blemished by birth, had dozens of self-inflicted scars. They revered Ravilan Wroth, who in their belief was the leader of the Different Ones, and hated the Korsin family because they thought that they treated Gloyd like a pet.

In 3000 BBY, members of Force 57 were present at the former capital Tahv during Testament Day, where the Testament of Yaru Korsin, the founder of the Lost Tribe and the husband of Seelah, was read out. During that particularly year, the Caretaker Varner Hilts discovered that there was an earlier recording beneath Korsin's Testament which revealed that the Tribe were actually descended from slaves to the Sith Empire. The assembled Sith also discovered that the original 57 were actually members of the red-skinned Sith species. All members of Force 57 were horrified by this discovery and were embarrassed by their roots as slaves. The discovery of the Tribe's true origins triggered a series of violent riots and killings known as the Great Crisis which destabilized Keshtah Minor. Force 57 ended up fighting among themselves and the organization ceased to exist during the turmoil.

One of the survivors was their leader Neera who joined forces with other Sith including Edell Vrai and Korsin Bentado. These Sith sought to destroy the ancient Sith starship Omen in order to destroy their "inglorious" past. However, they were dissuaded from doing so by Varner Hilts who revealed the existence of maps which showed a second continent known as Alanciar, and convinced the various Sith factions to abandon their differences and to work together to conquer Alanciar. As a result, the other Sith including Neera submitted to Hilts and elected him as their new Grand Lord.


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