Force Concession was a roleplaying-game adventure in year three of the Living Force campaign. It was the first adventure of the year, as well as of the Forces of Cularin trilogy. It was written by Matthew Domville and edited by Jae Walker.

Opening crawlEdit

While the raging conflict known as the Clone Wars burns its way across the Republic, the inhabitants of Cularin find comfort in the regularity of daily routine. Holonews reports of Clone Wars are certainly part of that routine, but not the central focus. As Cularin adjusts to a galaxy that left it behind, people again find time for leisure pursuits. News of construction of a galactic-quality racecourse in the jungle of Cularin suggests better times ahead, but in dark times, dark forces are everywhere…

Plot summaryEdit

A group of heroes are contacted by Thaedius Creed of CreedCon Construction to investigate the disappearance of a team of his workers. Creed was building a new race course on Cularin but a team of workers disappeared, as did the security team he sent after them. The group of heroes travel first to the nearby Jaraana irstat for information, only to find the village on fire. After helping to put out the fire, the local Tarasin tell the heroes of the T'salak, an evil beast long trapped in the mountain. The heroes eventually confront the t'salak while rescuing the workers and defeat it.


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