Force Contention is a roleplaying-game adventure in year three of the Living Force campaign. It is the second adventure of the Forces of Cularin trilogy and was written by Matthew Domville and edited by Jae Walker.

Opening crawlEdit

In the Cularin system and everywhere else, the Jedi Knights have always been regarded as the guardians of peace and order in the galaxy. Now, however, dark rumors are spreading – tales of an order run mad with its own power and arrogance. It is incumbent upon the Jedi – and those who consider themselves their friends – to prove otherwise.

Plot summaryEdit

A group of heroes are contacted by Jedi Master Kirlocca and asked to investigate the activities of Jedi Nek Lawsirk who was recorded killing civilians in a cantina on Cularin. In actuality, it was a Dark Jedi impersonating him. The heroes investigate initially by checking out the Jaraana irstat where Lawsirk had been negotiating for the t'salak, his apartment in Hedrett and other clues. These eventually lead the heroes to Tilnes, where Lawsirk has been help captive by the Dark Jedi and taken over by the t'salak. The heroes best Lawsirk, but the Dark Jedi escapes.


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