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"...Let me show you the power of hatred!"

Force Destruction was a dark side Force power used by Sith and Dark Jedi, allowing them to create a massive energy field and throw it in any direction.

When used, a massive amount of energy was stored up within the user, drawn from the dark side of the Force, and with incredible concentration, the energy could be discharged using the user's own body as a conduit. Usually fired through the arm or hand, it could blast a large radius vaporizing anyone who got too close to it. Even those who escaped direct contact with the blast would be pushed asunder by the power's backlash.[1]

Using Force Destruction was a very exhausting power requiring a great deal of focus and concentration and could only be used a few times without requiring the user to rest. Jerec was the most famous person to have used this ability, applying it against Kyle Katarn in the Valley of the Jedi. Boc Aseca was also known to have used this Force power. A variant identical to this power and used by Jedi more often than Sith is the ability known as Force Burst, where the user would unleash a telekinetic blast by releasing the stored up Force energy in their body.


The effects of Force Destruction on Qu Rahn.

Behind the scenes[]

Although Darth Vader appears to wield a power similar to Force Destruction in Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the ability is actually called "kinetite."

Similarly, Vader seems to be able to wield a similar power in Soulcalibur IV, though it is under the names "Force Cannon" and "Force Eruption". Both attacks take only a small portion of Vader's energy to execute, and deals massive damage to the enemy Vader is facing. It is one of the most damaging moves in the game, being able to destroy half, or even more, of a regular opponent's health.

Vader also used a similar power when facing Galen Marek at the Death Star in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He surrounded himself with a red energy field, then would unleash it at Marek.



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