"I am as I was made. Born to be a Force Hound. Fated to serve my masters."

A Force Hound was a Force-sensitive servant of the Rakatan Infinite Empire. Force Hounds had tattoos of their individual names in Rakatan on their faces and bodies for identification lest they were disembodied.

History[edit | edit source]

The Force Hounds sought out planets with populations strong in the Force for their masters. They were pitted in fierce survival in broods where only the strongest survive. Trill and Xesh were two known Hounds, with Xesh serving Predor Tul'kar and Trill serving Predor Skal'nas. Xesh was considered the best of the Force Hounds and even Skal'nas sought out his skills, but Tul'kar would not let anyone take his services without fighting him. Force Hounds could be set to duel each other in matches for the amusement of their masters, as Xesh was multiple times. Force Hounds had marks of their names placed extensively over their body and face so as to identify them if the battle didn't go well and the parts were collected.

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