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Force Stasis[4] was an ability of the Force to forcibly restrain and immobilize people or to halt objects headed in a Force-user's direction. Often manifesting as a shimmering, transparent energy field resembling a haze of heat enveloping the target, the ability allowed its users to cancel out the motion of a target to not only reduce its speed, but even suspend it in place. The effect could at times be temporary, allowing the target to regain its motion, but could also be so powerful that, unlike normal applications of telekinesis, continuous conscious effort and physical gestures to maintain it were not always necessary. Additionally, the most skilled or powerful of users could even exert this paralyzing grip on non-material objects, such as blaster bolts.[1]

Yoda used this power to freeze Asajj Ventress in place as she tried to kill King Katuunko.[2]

Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, who was proficient with Force Stasis, used it to slow the movements of a group of clone troopers after they fatally wounded his master Jaro Tapal during the activation of Order 66. Five years later, Cal used Force Stasis to suspend the Scrapper Guild worker Prauf in mid-air, saving him from a fatal fall. In his subsequent mission to rebuild the Jedi Order, Kestis used Stasis to traverse landscapes by temporarily slowing down fast-moving platforms. He also used it in battle to slow the movements of his opponents and to slow enemy blaster shots.[5]

Darth Vader used this ability to momentarily contain and slow down the process of a grenade exploding long enough for him to get away from it.[3]

During the attack on Tuanul, Kylo Ren utilized this ability to hold off a blaster bolt headed in his direction (while simultaneously freezing the person holding the blaster, Poe Dameron, in place) long enough for his stormtroopers to bring his would-be killer to talk to him, and then released it after aiming it out of the way and retreating from the area. Later, during the Battle of Takodana, Ren utilized this ability to capture Rey, shortly before forcing her to fall unconscious.[1]

In 35 ABY, during the Mission to Kef Bir, Rey and Kylo Ren had a duel on the ruins of the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station. During the fight, both of them used Force Stasis to block each other's lightsaber strikes, with each combatant holding back the other's blade before it could make contact with them. Later, during the Battle of Exegol, the barely alive Darth Sidious used this ability to subdue Rey and the redeemed Ben Solo, leaving them powerless as he drained the Dyad's life force to rejuvenate and restore himself to his former strength, comparable to his at the time of his triumph on Coruscant and his defeat over Endor.[6]


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