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Force Storm Tython

A Force Storm gathering on Tython.

"I know it may sound strange, but I believe Tython is reacting to the mass death of those Force-sensitives. A huge Force Storm is developing."
―Kora Ryo[src]

A Force Storm was an event that occurred on the planet Tython when the world became out of balance in the Force. Most Force Storms consisted of significant and violent weather patterns, while some were occasionally accompanied by volcanic or seismic activities. Force Storms could be caused by powerful presences in either the light or dark sides of the Force, the arrival of many Force-sensitives on the planet, or the death of many Force-sensitives all at once. The largest Force Storm ever recorded occurred in 36,453 BBY, when the Tho Yor brought the Force-sensitive pilgrims to Tython,[1] and they remained common for the next sixteen hundred years, though the Balance philosophy of the Je'daii Order eventually helped tame the planet and make Force Storms a rarity.[2] In 25,793 BBY, the crash of the Rakatan ship Devourer caused a Force Storm of such magnitude that it matched the strength of the first Storm in 36,453 BBY.[3]



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