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"She'll be okay. It doesn't hurt. Ask Ruu."
"Force stun. Sorry, but I had to do it. It's kinder than breaking her wrist."
Bardan Jusik to Kal Skirata, after Force stunning Arla Fett[1]

Force Stun was a Force power that could temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a targeted enemy, preventing most movements. It was often used when a Jedi faced a large number of opponents or if they wished to disable an enemy long enough to flee from or apprehend them. To use the power, the Jedi would use the Force to induce them into a catatonic state. Beings or creatures with a high degree of willpower could resist the effects of this power. In addition, it was ineffective against droids and other inorganic beings. Although it was only used against a single enemy, the Jedi Master and famed Guardian Kavar, a known practitioner of this power, was able to stun multiple targets simultaneously.

Force Stasis TCG

Mara Jade using Force Stasis on a Rebel trooper.

Force Stasis was a more potent version of Force Stun. The Jedi would use the Force to deaden the senses of an enemy, inducing a near-catatonic state and in effect freezing that person or being in place. This power was very useful when the Force-user was stuck in tight spots against a superior number of foes.

Stasis Field was the highest level of Force Stun. Often learned and practiced by higher-level Jedi Knights and Masters, this power allowed the Force-user to put multiple enemies into brief, non-harmful catatonic states at one time, allowing for quick escapes or to avoid protracted confrontations against seemingly overwhelming numbers. This power could also be used to avoid combat entirely, if the wielder wished to apprehend or sneak by opponents put into stasis.[2]

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Bastila Shan uses Force Stasis on a katarn.


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