An Iktotchi Sith Lord uses Force Track in pursuit of a Jedi.

Force Track was a neutral Force power that allowed a Force-user to peer into the Force for guidance, picking up the lost path of their quarry.[1]

In general, the user had to be within line of sight of their quarry's trail in order to use the ability, with the freshness of the trail playing a part in how successful it could be detected.[1] For example, a novice of the ability could only detect something that had passed through within the last few minutes, while masters could pick up trails days old, and even multiple trails simultaneously.[1]

The Draethos force tradition of Keetael extensively taught force tracking to its practitioners, as well as a potent form of meditative farsight that allowed the user to see a target's surroundings in great detail - allowing them to track quarry over great, even interstellar, distances.[2]

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