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"You smell of the Force…and I hunger!"
―Force Vampire[src]

The Force Vampire, formerly known as Jedi Knight Tel Angor, was the result of the Order of the Silver Jedi's experiments into creating a living symbol of the light side of the Force. Unfortunately for the Order, the experiments had the exact opposite effect; rather than Angor drawing on the Force to bolster his abilities, the dark side corrupted him completely, turning him into a hideous creature that fed on the Force itself, and indeed needed it to survive. Angor ceased to be himself and became the Force Vampire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tel Angor, a male Human, was once the greatest Jedi Knight in the Order of the Silver Jedi just before the Clone Wars.

When the Order discovered what they believed to be a foolproof—if not somewhat dangerous—method of opening oneself fully to the power of the Force, Angor happily volunteered for the experiment. Because he was a dedicated and experienced Knight, the Order accepted and so he took some time over a month to prepare. He meditated, fasted, and concentrated on his connection to the Force during this time in preparation of a complete merging with the Force. He thought that he would become a living symbol of the light side, a glowing beacon of righteousness and justice. However, the experiment backfired; instead of drawing on the Force to bolster his abilities, the dark side corrupted Angor completely into a creature who fed on the Force and in fact needed it to survive. It was then that he ceased to be Tel Angor and became the Force Vampire.

Fall to the dark side[edit | edit source]

Immediately, the Vampire knew what his new powers entailed him to do. He was able to sustain himself by feeding on the ambient Force energy present in all living beings. He would have to come in contact with the being, often through his hands, and then he would draw the Force energies out of any living being. His prime targets were Force-users who had practiced their abilities, then simply Force-sensitives. In a pinch, he could even draw small amounts of energy from non-Force-sensitives. Any beings who were killed by this means would lose the natural connection to the Force that even dead bodies should exhibit, a fact which could be easily noticed by Force-sensitives.

He was able to transfer this Force energy into pure strength, be it to physically assault someone or to strengthen himself from damage. The dark side also granted the Vampire with a secondary deadly ability. He could radiate waves of terror by resonating the dark side within it. These waves caused such palpable fear in their targets that the victim took physical damage. Victims killed through this power had looks of absolute terror etched into their faces at the time of death.

The Vampire radiated like a walking dark-side nexus; he could be sensed easily by anyone who used the Force, but he could sense them as well. He was a perversion of the very Force itself, created by a unique experiment which could, most likely, never be duplicated. Nothing was left of the once-good man Tel Angor; all that remained was the dark-side creature. He had become a huge creature, both extremely tall and extremely broad. He wore dark robes which were soiled and tattered, and his gray hair and beard were both long and unkempt. His cruel mouth always wore a terrible sneer, and his eyes glowed with a crimson evil.

The newborn Vampire's first act was to feed upon the Knights of the Silver Jedi who had helped him perform the experiment. Then he murdered them all and destroyed all notes and computer files he could find in relation to his creation. Once he was finished, he fled the Jedi stronghold and fled to the Core Worlds. The Order of the Silver Jedi, feeling responsible for the Vampire's creation, attempted to track him down but were almost always too late. All they found were the Vampire's victims or, for the few that did manage to find him, they died at his hands. The Vampire enjoyed killing his victims with bare hands. He retained all the knowledge and skills of his former host, Tel Angor, and this new state only enhanced his cunning. He became a vicious hunter, a terror for all Force-sensitives whom he was perpetually ravenous for.

Living on the fringes of the galaxy's populated areas for years, he traveled from planet to planet by means of several passenger liners and unwary transport ships. Growing to hate the light he once embraced, the Vampire allowed the dark side to corrupt him completely. Finally, a short time before the Clone Wars, a team of seven Silver Jedi finally tracked down the Force Vampire and, in a great battle, captured and imprisoned the creature on board an Outrider-class cruiser. The group sealed the Vampire inside and joined him as the ship was sent on an automated continual jump through hyperspace. They agreed to serve as his guardians, keeping the galaxy safe from him as well as waiting for a way to be found to bring Tel Angor back to the light.

Not long after the trip began, however, one of the Jedi made a critical mistake, and the Vampire escaped. He quickly went about feeding on, then murdering, anyone on board he could find. When it was only down to the last of the Silver Jedi, a Knight named Bar Oplut, Oplut managed to sabotage both the hyperdrive and sublight drives to keep the Vampire from escaping before dying valiantly in the inevitable final battle. The vessel fell out of hyperspace because of Oplut's sabotage and floated dead in space for many years until it was found by a New Republic picket ship commanded by Captain Korsu.

When Korsu and his group boarded the ship, the Vampire was sensed by their Force-sensitive medic Kara, and he in turn sensed her. Finally, after all these years, he had another meal. As soon as the doors opened on his ship, the Vampire barreled through the group and immediately gripped onto Kara, draining her completely. "Tasty, but not enough, not enough at all," the Vampire said in a hoarse, dry whisper, before turning to the group. The only person who had been able to recover was Captain Korsu, who had drawn his blaster and pointed it at the thing which he could barely recognize as a man. The Vampire was amused, simply asking him two questions. "You want to fight me? Do you think you're any match for the greatest Knight of the greatest Order of Jedi that ever existed? Go ahead. Take your best shot." And so Korsu shot, but died less than a minute later.

The Vampire then stole the New Republic ship and went back to what he had done before he was captured. He left the picket ship which he had captured, and boarded the passenger liner Dantooine's Pride. He managed to make at least four stops before a team of investigators were called in to track down the killer, though they did not know it was the Force Vampire they were hunting. When the Force-user of this group examined the bodies, they became uneasy due to the total and violent searing of the connections to the Force which they could no longer sense. The Vampire's plan was to reach the Core World of Coruscul, the only remaining stronghold of the Order of the Silver Jedi which he hadn't raided. He planned to destroy the final evidence of its existence, as there was a data journal in the stronghold containing all related information, the last entry of which read, "We never should have tried." It is unknown whether the Vampire managed to do this.

High Prophet Jedgar learned of the Vampire's existence, and attempted to gain his trust. Although the Vampire would never simply be his pawn like Jedgar wanted, it was possible that he would agree to work with Jedgar until he could get back to his own agenda.

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