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A Force artifact was an object either imbued or directly related to the Force in some way. By the time of the High Republic Era, the Jedi elders had identified three types of Force artifact. The first type were artifacts that contained certain memories and personalities of past Force users, and were known as Force containers. Then, there were artifacts that enhanced a Force wielder’s ability to use the Force. Finally, there were artifacts that could hinder or restrict the powers of a Force user known as Force dampeners.

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During the time of the High Republic Era, four mysterious idols recovered from an Amaxine space station were believed to be Force containers. After the protective sheath in the Force around them had been removed by the Jedi Cohmac Vitus and Orla Jareni, it was discovered that they were instead Force dampeners, used to contain an evil on board of the station. This evil took the form of the Drengir, a sentient plant species that was closely attuned with the Dark side of the Force. They were later returned there, before being destroyed shortly thereafter to resolve the chaotic situation taking place onboard, with the Jedi setting the Drengir free so they could attack the Nihil.[1]

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