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"Hold the flames back we will."
"The Force is strong."
―Yoda and the Prime Minister of Protobranch[3]

Force barrier was a defensive Force power composed of Force energy, used to block out any potentially deadly elements.


Force barrier was a defensive technique within the Force composed of Force energy, used to block out any potentially deadly elements. The technique itself was an offshoot of telekinesis and was aligned to neither the light nor dark side but was a neutral ability any Force user could learn and deploy.[1] Depending on the individual, the barrier could manifest in the form of a tangible, as well as potentially visible surface in a similar manner to deflector shields,[4] or, more commonly, possess no physical form at all, instead manifesting as an immaterial field of telekinetically-derived force used to impede, repel or redirect intended targets away from the user.[1] While normally only able to withstand a few attacks before collapsing, at its most powerful, this technique could temporarily insulate its user against lethal impacts, explosions and even the vacuum of space.[5][6]


During the Clone Wars, Grand Master Yoda and Jedi Master Aayla Secura used this power to stop a poisonous gas from reaching them as it was being deployed against the Zillo Beast.[1] Darth Vader used this ability on several occasions to protect himself from environmental hazards like falling debris, oceanic pressure from being submerged in the depths of Mon Cala, and explosions of fire or shock-waves.[7] Kanan Jarrus used a barrier of Force energy to hold back an explosion, saving his fellow rebels before his death.[8] Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano,[9] Tenth Brother, Sixth Brother, and Ninth Sister also used this power.[2]


Grogu holds back wave of fire from a flamethrower.

While escaping from Fortress Inquisitorius on Nur, Cere Junda projected a barrier to prevent Darth Vader from harming her and Cal Kestis with his lightsaber. Vader attempted to stab through it, partly succeeding, until Junda and Kestis escaped. Shortly thereafter, Vader used a barrier to stop seawater from engulfing him.[4]

In 9 ABY, Grogu, an infant Force-sensitive member of Yoda's species, applied a form of the technique to hold back and deflect a blast of fire coming from an incinerator trooper.[10] He also used the technique to protect Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze during the destruction of the Imperial base on Mandalore.[11]

In 34 ABY, Kylo Ren instinctively used a version of this technique and his Force Stasis ability to stop Chewbacca's bowcaster bolt from causing fatal damage and killing him.[12] He used Force barrier during his ship crash on Pasaana and also on a planet in a ship with Hux, which in both cases left him unharmed.[13][14]

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