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A Force crystal

A Force crystal was a powerful Force-sensitive object.


It is unknown what the full properties of these crystals were, whether they focused a Force-users connection to use the Force or augmented their Force powers. Force Crystals could also power certain weapons.

The mighty Subjugator-class heavy cruiser, Devastation, utilized Force crystals to power its pair of gigantic ion cannons, giving them enough power to blow through planets and capital ships alike.


In one case, a Homanan known as Nana was able to switch her mind into the body of a Noolan technician called Otolia Ratiuv when her original body was destroyed in an explosion thanks to the presence of one of these crystals.

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In the cancelled and non-canon Alien Exodus the Varlians have in their possession a Force crystal, which the emperor Kaxa uses to move the planet Forhilnor through slave labor in the quarry. Cosmo Hender and other slaves steal the Force crystal from the palace; using it to move the Bloodstars aside. The crystal is destroyed for the strain of using the Force what makes Cosmo grow old and die, due to being unknown to be substantiated by the power of the crystal



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