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Yoda, a Jedi Master and Consular, assumes a stance to best engage Count Dooku in Force combat.

"...preferred of the Jedi Consulars, and effective in combats where you must fight only through the Force."
Kreia, on the Force Channel form[src]

Force forms were meditative battle stances that served as alternatives to the various forms of lightsaber combat. While all Jedi were taught to connect with the Force, and while most lightsaber styles relied on this connection to at least some degree, the Force forms enhanced a Jedi's power to feel and control the Force, allowing one to reach beyond what most could in the midst of combat, at the expense of physical ability. They were popular among Jedi Consulars and others who relied more on the Force than on lightsabers, even in battle.

Around the time of the First Jedi Purge, there were four major Force forms:

  • Force Channel—embodying the standard meditation techniques learned by all Jedi, Channel was the only Force form generally utilized by non-Consulars. Jedi Master Kreia described the technique as "a gift," as it provided a modest boost to one's connection while carrying no real vulnerabilities.
  • Force Potency—Potency was offensive in its very nature, enhancing a Jedi's ability to strike others with the Force. One could attack foes more powerfully, but doing so quickly left the Jedi feeling drained. It was most compatible with adherers to the dark side of the Force, as Force "attacks" were usually manifestations of hatred or other dark emotions. Even so, a light Jedi could use this form to decisively resolve a conflict if speed was the priority.

Master Vrook Lamar, instructing a student in the use of Force Affinity.

  • Force Affinity—Affinity was the ideal form for a Jedi who was required to maintain a steady focus on the Force. It allowed the Jedi to rest in his or her connection in even the fiercest fight, in a manner that would normally be available only in peaceful meditation and away from distractions. This was an endurance form for the Jedi; one could remain guarded while an enemy expended energy and eventually tired. For this reason, it was most effectively used in alternating cycles with other Force forms, with the Jedi recovering strength before launching a counterattack against a weary opponent.
  • Force Mastery—despite its impressive name, the Mastery form was not limited to those with vast expertise in the Force—though its practitioners would hope to convey that idea. One's command of the Force would indeed have more powerful effects, enhancing the Jedi's own physical abilities for a sustained period while weakening the enemy's resolve against Force attacks. However, the effort of this form severely weakened its user, not only draining the Jedi but also limiting his or her ability to defend against the Force powers of others. Some who were not very proficient in the Force would assume this form, appearing to have more of a mastery than they actually did. One such example of Force Mastery is shown by Padawan Darsha Assant in her final battle against Darth Maul. Darsha, while merely a Padawan at the time of her death, was able to utilize some degree of skill in Force Mastery to temporarily trick Darth Maul into believing Darsha was stronger than she actually was. Even so, Darth Maul only figured out the full extent of her ruse at the last second.

Behind the scenesEdit

Unlike lightsaber forms, the different Force forms only appear in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and most of them only appear if the player follows the class of the Jedi Consular, Jedi Master, or Sith Lord. Even within the game itself, the Force forms seem to be an afterthought; they do not appear in the game manual alongside the lightsaber forms, and dialogue in the game will have a dark-sided Jedi Exile learn the Jedi Masters' "lightsaber" techniques, even if they are using Force forms.


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