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Force pikes were a type of staff-like weapon[8] with a vibro-edged head. They also had a stun setting, and were capable of causing immense pain at their lowest setting.[2] At the highest setting, the pikes could be used to cut through durasteel.[6] The Red Guard of Galactic Emperor Palpatine wielded such weapons.[5] They were able to fire purple blasts from their tips.[9]

The droid guards of Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis were also equipped with these.[10] While on Daxam IV Senator Ransolm Casterfo used a force pike to fight an Amaxine warrior while buying an Imperial helmet to win over Arliz Hadrassian's favor.[6] The weapons could also be modified with magnetic clamps, projecting a field around a target that the pike was pointed at to suspend them in the air and restrict their ability to move. During this time, the end of the pike and the target would glow orange. This feature notably allowed a group of red guards to subdue Ezra Bridger, attempting to trap him long enough for incoming stormtroopers to shoot him. After avoiding multiple shots, Bridger managed to send several boulders flying at them, breaking their hold.[11]

A lighter and longer version of the force pike was the vibro-lance, which could act as a spear in addition to being a melee weapon.[2]

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