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"This time, let go of your conscious self… and act on instinct."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi mentors Luke Skywalker[1]

Telekinesis was a commonly applied Force power.

A Force power[2] was any ability that could be used by a Force-sensitive individual using the power of the Force. These powers varied in use, but had applications in war, healing, utility, amusement, and information-harvesting. Some such abilities, such as enhanced reflexes and minor acts of precognition, could be accessed without conscious application. Others, such as telekinesis or mind tricks, required acts of will, though with training could be made to seem effortless. In certain cases, attempting to act consciously could actually hinder one's ability to draw upon the Force. Some abilities could only be accessed through the light side of the Force, while others were only accessed through the dark side.

Certain abilities, such as Force barriers, were neutral and any power in theory could be used by any trained Force-sensitive. Aside from specific abilities that usually could only be accessed by the dark side, such as many forms Force lightning, or the light side, such the most common means of becoming a Force spirit, there existed neutral Force powers could be aligned to the light or the dark depending on how they were used, such as mind tricks.

General abilities[]

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."
―Darth Vader regarding the power of the Force[1]

Telekinesis (its Force push application, as used by Rieve, pictured) was one of the most common uses of the Force.

A wide variety of abilities were open to those who were able to use the power of the Force. One of the most common abilities that were utilized was telekinesis, the ability to move or otherwise manipulate objects using only an application of the Force.[3] Often this was used by Jedi and Sith to fling away their enemies or hurl items at them.[4] Similarly, an ability known as Force Stasis allowed a Force user to slow down or completely freeze an object, person, or even pure energy in place, as demonstrated in 34 ABY by Kylo Ren, who froze a blaster bolt in mid-air during the Attack on Tuanul.[5] Some Jedi, like Cere Junda, were capable of producing Force barriers, such as the one used to protect Cal Kestis from Darth Vader.[6]

Another well-known ability was the mind trick, a power that could be applied to influence the thoughts and actions of another individual, often to the user's advantage.[1] Notably, mind tricks could only affect those with weak minds.[7]


Rey experienced a Force vision upon finding the Skywalker lightsaber

Force visions were a powerful and mysterious ability that sometimes occurred without conscious application in sleep[4] or even while awake,[5] though such visions were not always reliable. Force users were also able to, both consciously and inherently through their connection to the Force, augment their own natural athleticism, allowing for speed, coordination and acrobatic maneuvers beyond natural limits.[4] These included the ability to run on walls.[6]

A mind probe was a Force power which allowed the user to search the thoughts of others.[5][7] It was possible to resist this ability using the Force; powerful Force users could even turn the effects of the probe around and manage a look into the mind of the user.[5] Some users of the Force could also use their power to sedate, as Qui-Gon Jinn demonstrated on Jar Jar Binks, or even to induce sleep and render a person unconscious, as Kylo Ren demonstrated on Rey and Mace Windu demonstrated on Rako Hardeen.[8][5][9]

Force sense remained the most basic of Force abilities. It could be used to feel another being's feelings, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger and the presence of the dark side. Closely related also to force sense and force sight was precognition, the ability to hear direction and whispered promptings from the Force about what lay ahead in the immediate future. Jedi and other Force-users would use this ability to sense impending danger, allowing the Force to warn them of a threat.[4] Jedi could also sense the location of hidden beings or enemies from a distance, and through barriers, allowing them to find, engage or avoid a being.[10]

Additionally, by using the Force on oneself, combined with the user's strength of mind and will, a Force user could increase his or her resilience to harm, especially to other Force abilities. This typically allowed both strong and skilled practitioners of the Force to defend against another Force-user's attempt to restrain, throw, repel, mentally influence or evaluate, or otherwise affect or harm them with the Force. Most Force users were, therefore, less able to effectively use the Force on each other and tend to rely on physical attacks to break their opponents guard before attempting to use a telekinetic attack. However, those with sufficient enough skill or power in the Force could more easily overwhelm such defenses with less effort as well as make themselves practically immune to having their protection broken by others, making them extremely dangerous in direct combat.[4]


Yoda felt the effects of Order 66 in the Force.

Disturbances in the Force were caused by serious events, such as mass death or the presence of powerful Force users, whose signature in the Force was strong. These disturbances could be quite powerful; when nearly all of the Jedi were killed by Order 66, Yoda felt physical pain, despite the fact that he was on Kashyyyk, thousands of light-years away. More minor occurrences could also cause disturbances in the Force; when Darth Sidious killed Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, and Kit Fisto, Yoda again felt their deaths. It is possible that Yoda's unusual power allowed him to feel such events while others could not, which would explain why few other Jedi felt the deaths of either group in the way that Yoda did,[4] though Jedi like Jaro Tapal were among those who did, which may have led such Jedi to escape to safety.[6]

The entrance to the Jedi Temple on Lothal, as well as its gateway to the World Between Worlds, and the holocrons used by both Jedi and Sith, could only be opened via the Force, which protected them from outside intrusion. The painting of the Ones on Lothal, that granted access to the World Between Worlds, could only be opened with the light side of the Force. The only other way of entering was through a bond with a light side user, as demonstrated by Darth Sidious when he used the fiery energy generated by a Sith ritual to latch onto Ezra Bridger and gain temporary access to the World Between Worlds.[11][12]


The Bendu manifests as a storm

Extremely powerful Force users and Force entities had access to a variety of uncommon abilities. For example, the Father, one of the Ones, was so powerful in the Force that he was able to touch a lightsaber blade without suffering any harm,[13] while the Son was able to possess others.[14] Both the Son and the Daughter were also able to shapeshift.[15] Bendu, "the one in the middle," who was neither light nor dark, could appear and disappear at will. Bendu could appear as and create massive storms with the Force.[16]

Strong Force users could teleport, like the Force wielders, the Nightsisters or Dorwin Corvax.[6][13] The latter had the ability to suspend time.[17]

Light side abilities[]

"All energy from the Living Force, from all things that have ever lived, feeds into the cosmic Force, binding everything and communicating to us through the midi-chlorians. Because of this, I can speak to you now."
―The spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, communing with Yoda[18]

The Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi retained their consciousness after becoming one with the Force.

The ability to retain consciousness as Force spirit after death was a rare Force power known only to certain orders, such as the Force Priestesses and a select few Jedi. Use of this ability required special training, but one who mastered it could continue to have an influence in the realm of the living even upon the death of their physical body.[14] This influence extended to Force use, as evidenced by Yoda destroying Ahch-To's uneti tree with lightning.[19]

Yoda, when fighting Count Dooku and Darth Sidious, was able to absorb Force lightning with his hands, and, in his duel with Dooku, deflect it back toward the Sith.[20][4] It was also possible to deflect Force lightning with a lightsaber.[4]

Several Jedi, like Quinlan Vos and Cal Kestis, had an ability called psychometry, which allowed the user to sense the events associated with an object or location. This ability could be quite vivid, and could include visuals and sounds. The ability was innate, though practice was required to master the skill.[6]

It was possible for Jedi to tame animals with the Force.[21]

At least one Jedi, Sta-Den Eekin, was able to use his power to cloud the minds of large crowds.[22]

Luke Skywalker believed that the Force manifested itself in Leia as her strength of will.[23]

Luke Skywalker displayed the ability to use Force projection across the galaxy, sending a lifelike image of himself from Ahch-To to Crait, light-years away. This projection was so realistic that Kylo Ren could not detect any deception until he tried and failed to strike Skywalker down with his lightsaber. However, the strain of creating such a projection proved to be fatal for Skywalker, who was still reconnecting with the Force after previously severed his connection.[19] A similar form of projection, used by Yoda, allowed a Force user to communicate with another who was thousands of light-years away.[24]

A number of Force users, including Yoda,[10] Grogu,[25] Rey, and Ben Solo, demonstrated the ability to use Force healing, an ability that allowed them to heal injuries and remove poisons[25] by transferring life force from the healer, which could be recovered by resting or meditating.[26][27] In the rare case of a Force dyad, the power could even resurrect the recently deceased, albeit at the cost of the user's own life. Ben Solo used this ability to resurrect Rey in 35 ABY.[26]

Dark side abilities[]

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."
―Sheev Palpatine[4]

Force lightning was an advanced dark side Force power.

Users of the dark side of the Force, such as the Sith, drew upon intense emotions, especially negative feelings, such as fear, hatred, and anger, as well as thoughts of greater power to make use of abilities not often practiced by those such as the Jedi.

Darth Plagueis was a powerful Sith Lord so skilled in the dark side of the Force that he was able to manipulate midi-chlorians to create life itself and to prevent death.[4] Other dark side means of restoring oneself included stealing vitality from others[26] and using dark potions to heal.[28]

Force lightning was a powerful dark-side ability in which a Force user emitted pure Force energy, in the form of electricity, from his or her fingers. This lighting had the ability to cause serious pain, permanent damage, and, if a target was exposed to enough, death.[4][7] The lightning was so powerful that even the caster of lightning was not immune to it.[4] Darth Vader was never able to use Force lightning because of his injuries in the Duel on Mustafar. Ordinarily, Force lightning was blue, though other colors were possible; for example, the Son's lightning was red.[15] Some lightsiders also used lightning, such as Rey[26] and Yoda.[28]

Force Choke SWDA

Darth Vader frequently used Force choke to punish those who displeased him.

Some Sith, including Palpatine, had an ability called Dark Aura, which was a form of Force lightning that formed a miasma that damaged and slowed enemies.[10] Another dark side battle ability was focused rage, which increased the user's aggression and potency while simultaneously decreasing the damage they sustained.[10]

The dark side was also the source of both Sith and Nightsister magick. Sith magic (or Sith alchemy), which could take the form of blue flames, was used by Palpatine to access the World Between Worlds and to create illusions.[29] Sith alchemy was also used to reinforce Kylo Ren's helmet when it was rebuilt by Albrekh.[30] Unlike other Force techniques, Sith alchemy sometimes required the Sith's blood. Nightsister magick generally took the form of green mist and had many uses. For example, it could temporarily reanimate corpses as zombies[31] and was used by Mother Talzin to show Savage Opress that his brother Maul had survived the duel on Naboo. The Nightsisters also had the ability to teleport themselves and others.[6] Additionally, their magick could be used as a shield that could repel blaster bolts, to levitate, and even to grant invisibility.[32]

Palpatine used the dark side of the Force to transfer his consciousness into a clone after he was betrayed by Darth Vader.

The Inquisitor known as the Second Sister was able to use the Force to move at incredibly high speeds for short periods of time. Although this is also common for light side users.[6]

Snoke was able to manipulate the Force-bond between Rey and Ben Solo, in which they could see each other (though not their surroundings) over vast distances and were able to converse.[19] Matter and objects could sometimes pass between individuals in a Force dyad,[19][26] which Rey deliberately used to pass a lightsaber to Ben Solo during the Battle of Exegol.[26]

Force usage in the Unknown Regions[]

Blue Glass Arrow See also: Navigator

Because of a series of long-ago supernovae, the Unknown Regions were extremely difficult to navigate, forcing travelers to conduct lengthy series of short jumps through hyperspace. However, a number of beings were able to use the Force power of precognition to navigate, eliminating the need for "jump-by-jump" travel. Many of these Force-sensitives, such as Qilori of Uandualon, were employed by the Navigators' Guild, and were hired by other entities, such as the Chiss Ascendancy.[33] It was also possible for humans to navigate with the Force. After receiving encouragement from Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Vader was able to learn the skill and guide the Star Destroyer Chimaera through hyperspace.[34]

The Chiss also had Force-sensitive navigators, whom they referred to as ozyly-esehembo, Cheunh for "sky-walkers."[34] However, this fact was kept secret from non-Chiss, and the Ascendancy often hired outside navigators.[33] Sky-walkers were almost exclusively female, unlike in most species, where Force powers were evenly distributed. Additionally, and likewise unusually, sky-walkers almost always lost their powers by adulthood, except in Vah'nya's case. Sky-walkers could use two powers, called Second Sight and Third Sight. Second Sight referred to telepathy, while Third Sight referred to precognition. The latter was far more common.[34]


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