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«Always save your best trick for last.»
―Luke Skywalker[src]

A Force projection was the visual manifestation of a Force user who seemingly appeared in one place while actually being elsewhere. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker projected an image of himself into the Battle of Crait to confront his nephew, Kylo Ren, which resulted in Skywalker's death due to the prolonged and strenuous energy needed to maintain the illusion.


"What, are you suggesting that you're fighting a bunch of Jedi, able to project themselves from place to place like Luke Skywalker?"
―Branwayne Spiftz to Aderat[src]

Force projection[2] was the ability to project through the Force allowing the user to physically interact with their surroundings, despite not being physically present. It being only a projection allowed one to appear to perform seemingly impossible feats, such as being unscathed after taking a barrage of blaster bolts, or disappearing from one position and then reappearing in another. It also allowed one to project something other than one's true physical appearance, such as making oneself appear younger, or appearing to have an object not currently in one's possession. Despite being otherwise immaterial, the user was at least capable of physical contact with others. Such an ability, while very powerful, nonetheless had severe consequences when utilized: prolonged use of the ability would result in the user's death.[1]


"See you around, kid."
―Luke's projection, just before vanishing before Kylo Ren's eyes[src]

In 34 ABY, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker projected his appearance from Ahch-To to Crait, where he confronted his nephew, Kylo Ren, during the Battle of Crait. The feat was so strenuous that the prolonged use of the Force led to Skywalker's death, after which he became one with the Force. He carried a copy of Han Solo's dice with him that he left with General Leia Organa, who left it at the old Rebel base on the planet. Ren discovered the dice, which disappeared shortly after Skywalker's death.[1]

Skywalker's ability to project himself became known in the wider galaxy after his death, and though some believed in the power, others such as Commander Branwayne Spiftz saw it as nothing more than a myth, and referred to the ability mockingly while chastising Lieutenant Aderat over the "disappearing" Minfar resistance fighters.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

"I've heard something like this described as a Force power, like actually projecting a vision of yourself elsewhere. But we've actually never seen it in the movies. It's something a little different. This could be a way that he could win this sequence."
―Rian Johnson[src]

In a special feature called Balance of the Force, Rian Johnson explained that, although he had imagined a scenario where Luke would be present on Crait and would accomplish incredible feats with the Force, he didn't want the Force to be reduced to a mere superpower. Instead, he wanted to find a way for Luke to beat Kylo Ren without causing him physical harm. Using the same approach he had employed for Rey and Ren with the Force-bond, he used the Force projection as a way to allow Luke a final, intimate confrontation with Ren.[1]



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