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A Force punch or Force charged strike[source?] was an application of Force push where the user would augment their striking strength, in the form of a punch or blow in close hand to hand combat. Vestara Khai while fighting the red-haired female assistant of High Lord Ivaar Workan; grabbed her by the chin and used a Force punch to the throat to kill her in 44 ABY, and later Saba Sebatyne delivered a Force-enhanced double punch to an avatar of Abeloth, striking her in the mouth and through both sets of her fangs shortly before killing her. Mace Windu was a master of this ability, using lightning fast jabs to decimate an army of Battle droids during the Battle of Dantooine. Darth Plagueis during his fight against Maladian assassins used Force-enhanced blows to snaps necks, smashes skulls and windpipes, and plunges his fists through armored torsos in blinding motion.[1]

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