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"That scream… What is it? It sounds like… a man being eaten alive!"
Nomi Sunrider, hearing Exar Kun's anguish through the Force[1]

A Force scream was usually an involuntary Force exertion manifested by those whose alignment was with the dark side of the Force but could be used on command. It was a scream, of strong frustration, rage, or grief, emitted through the Force.


―Darth Vader, upon learning of Padmé Amidala's death[2]

Ulic Qel-Droma screaming through the Force

If a Dark Jedi or Sith Lord was being beaten and frustrated by his foe, he might let out an enraged scream (amplified through the Force) that triggered shock waves that rippled through the Force. This caused devastation to any that were unfortunate enough to be in proximity. Like many dark side Force powers, it allowed the user to use powerful negative emotions as a weapon, albeit involuntarily in this case.

The Force scream had been called "a wave of hatred, amplified and fueled by the dark side, that is capable of smashing through mental and physical defenses with ease." A number of references to Dark Jedi in Old Republic archives often mentioned the Dark Jedi violently losing control in the final moments of battle.

Notable uses[]

"And C'baoth went berserk."
Mara Jade describing Joruus C'baoth's Force scream[3]

After being told that the dark side was the only means to save himself in the ruins of the Sith temple on Korriban by the ancient Sith Lord Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun let out an enormous scream through the Force. Such was the power of his scream that Masters Vodo-Siosk Baas and Arca Jeth both heard and felt Kun's anguish many light-years away while on the planet Deneba.[4][1]

Anakin Skywalker's rage

Freedon Nadd himself let out a powerful scream through the Force, after dying a second death at the hands of his pupil Exar Kun. Kun also released a scream through the Force at that moment, in triumph over Nadd and after giving himself over fully to the dark side. Nomi Sunrider and Master Vodo Baas heard both screams through the Force, and Nomi mistakenly thought that Exar's scream was that of Ulic Qel-Droma. Master Vodo knew better, however, realizing the voice of his former student. He felt the disturbance in the Force, noting that it felt as if one great power had fallen and another had risen in its place.[4][1]

Ulic Qel-Droma, having been subjected to Krath leader Satal Keto's torture droid, refused to reveal the truth behind his coming to Empress Teta. But when Satal injected him with Sith poison, a powerful toxin that amplified an individual's rage and opened them further to the dark side, Ulic let out a scream through the Force so strong that it obliterated the machinery he was harnessed to, as well as the torture droid. Later, after he dueled and killed Satal, he let out a Force scream that wrecked the Iron Citadel balcony and knocked both Nomi Sunrider and his brother Cay from their feet.[4][1]

Darth Malak, Darth Traya, and Darth Nihilus were known to use Force scream.[5] Three centuries later, during the Battle of Ord Radama, Darth Malgus let out a Force scream after sensing the deaths of Darth Venemal and the crew of a Harrower-class dreadnought. In the process, the scream not only made the Lindworm's bridge shake and its crew's ears bleed, but also overload the fuel cells of nearby Aurek-class starfighters.[6] Darth Baras also let out a scream after some failed attempts to get information of a captured Republic spy named Grik Sonosan, shaking the walls of his office in the Imperial Citadel.[7]

Darth Vader, screaming through the Force upon learning of his wife's death

Darth Maul, after accidentally cutting himself, nearly used a Force scream that would've collapsed the walls of the Orsis Academy.[8] However, he released a scream outdoors on Dathomir shortly after regaining his memory. Later, while dueling Obi-Wan Kenobi and Asajj Ventress on the Turtle Tanker above Raydonia, Maul let out a feral roar of anger as he and Savage Opress tried to give chase to the escaping Ventress and Kenobi.[9]

After defeating Asajj Ventress on Yavin 4, Anakin Skywalker released his rage while standing on the precipice where Ventress seemingly fell to her death, and let out a powerful scream through the Force.[10] He also screamed Count Dooku's name during the recapture of Tythe; the magnitude and wrath of the scream caused the building's entire roof to collapse, incapacitating himself and his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as Dooku.[11]

By far, Skywalker's most infamous use of it was upon learning of the death of his wife, Padmé Amidala, after his transformation into Darth Vader. This caused him to involuntarily unleash a powerful Force scream of shame, rage, and grief, severely damaging the medical chamber and the droids within it.[2] The scream did not stop there, however. It echoed throughout the whole facility, causing the sensors to go haywire and one medical worker to permanently lose his hearing. Many staff members believed this scream came from a ghost, carrying out the death cries of the Clone Wars.[12]

Joruus C'baoth emits screams during his face-off with Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade

Darth Sidious used a Force scream against members of the Jedi High Council during their attempt to arrest him. The scream threw the Jedi off balance and allowed him to swiftly execute three of the four Masters, with only Mace Windu surviving to engage Sidious in a duel.[2]

During his brief apprenticeship under Sidious, Ferus Olin recalled the image in which he witnessed his friend Roan Lands die at Darth Vader's blade. Thus, he let loose a scream in which he dislodged a brace from an exercise bar in a training room.[12]

On Wayland, upon witnessing Mara Jade slay the clone he had painstakingly bred from Luke Skywalker, Joruus C'baoth became so furious that he caused the ceiling of the Mount Tantiss storehouse throne room to collapse through the power of his scream while battling Skywalker and Jade.[13] Almost immediately afterwards, he put up a Force barrier to keep the stones from hitting him.[14]

Darth Caedus used Force scream to warn his lover, Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo, and their daughter about a nanovirus that was about to be released aboard their ship during his final clash with his twin sister. Jaina killed him before he could finish his message, but Djo heard him and escaped the nanovirus with Allana.[15]



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