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A Force shadow was a mental projection of the user that could be cast across vast distances and allowed the user to see through the shadow's eyes. A dark side ability, Force shadow was used by the Force Hounds of the Infinite Empire to scout planets and distant areas, and the shadow was typically invisible to everyone. However, Force Hounds were capable of seeing a shadow, and four Je'daiiDaegen Lok and the three Je'daii Journeyers Shae Koda, Sek'nos Rath, and Tasha Ryo—detected Xesh's shadow when he cast it across the Tython system. The four of them perceived Xesh's shadow as a Force vision, not knowing of the Force Hound's ability.[1] Xesh later utilized the ability to locate Predor Skal'nas's base on Ska Gora, when he himself was on Shikaakwa.[2]

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