Jedi Grand Master Yoda utilizes Force valor to overcome the infirmities of his old age and battle Count Dooku.

Force Valor was a light side Force power that increased the resolve, accuracy, and speed of one's self and one's allies. Tapping into the Force, a Jedi could increase the rate at which one's capacities functioned, allowing the body to move and react quicker, leap higher and farther, strike more powerfully, and fight with improved accuracy. The ability shared similarities to Force Body and Enhance Attribute and Battlemind, as well as its dark side counterpart Force rage.

Yoda used this ability to overcome the infirmities of old age, which was necessary for a practitioner of Form IV lightsaber combat.

Other users of Force valor included Meetra Surik and Revan.

Behind the scenes[]

In the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, this power was known as "Force Mind", and allowed the Jedi using it to boost the physical capabilities of his allies. Understanding of this power greatly aided a Jedi in the use of the Battle meditation ability.

In the Star Wars Revised Core Rulebook, this power still exists as above, providing a boost to the physical abilities of the Jedi's allies. However, there were also two more abilities which were closely related. Battlemind was a power centered around a Jedi's connection to the Force, a vague precognition allowing him to strike with increased accuracy. Enhance Ability was similar to Force Mind, but was instead used to bolster the physical abilities of the Jedi.