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Forces of Destiny: Strength and Hope Cinestory Comic was a Star Wars: Forces of Destiny title in a comic-style format featuring adaptations of the program. It was slated for release on August 20, 2019, but Joe Books Ltd filed for bankruptcy, so the comic was never released.

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Be Fearless.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny brings together exciting new stories featuring fan-favorite characters from across the galaxy. When Rey fends off a creature that wants to devour BB-8, their friendship deepens. Read on as Leia and R2-D2 free Chewbacca from the clutches of a ferocious wampa, and watch what happens when Ahsoka and Padmé face off against a shape-shifting bounty hunter.

Star Wars fans of all ages can experience the all-new adventures of these extraordinary heroes in the full-color cinestory comic adaptation of Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

This cinestory comic adaptation retells the following episodes: Newest Recruit, Tracker Trouble, Teach You, I Will, The Starfighter Stunt, Accidental Allies, An Imperial Feast, The Happabore Hazard, and Crash Course.



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