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"You were the executive officer of the Star Destroyer Forger when it suppressed a rebellion on Gra Ploven by creating steam clouds which boiled alive two hundred thousand Ploven in three coastal cities."
Leia Organa Solo, to Davith Sconn[src]

Forger was a Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy. In the later stages of the Galactic Civil War, she served under the command of Grand Moff Dureya, with Lieutenant Davith Sconn as her first officer.[2]

In a notorious incident in around 4 ABY,[3] Governor Dureya ordered Forger to subject the planet Gra Ploven to punitive bombardment, creating boiling clouds that killed 200,000 of the native Ploven. The Empire responded with judicial action, but they opted to punish Lieutenant Sconn for obeying his orders, rather than the Grand Moff for issuing them.[2]

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