The Formidable was an Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer that was sent to a vital Rebel Alliance transit point in the Delalt system during Imperial Operation: Clean Sweep.

The Rebels discovered that the Formidable had entered their sector. Desperately low on warheads and awaiting a supply convoy that would have to pass this point, they launched a heavy starfighter attack against the Formidable. In turn, the Formidable launched its TIE/IN interceptors. Little did the Rebels know that Imperial Fury was nearby, standing ready to relieve the Formidable should the Rebels force it to withdraw.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unclear whether the "Delalt system" where the battle takes place is meant to be Dellalt.

While the occurrence of the space battle depicted in this mission, as well as the participants, is C-Canon, the outcome depends on the actions of the player and is therefore indeterminate. For lack of other canonical information it should be assumed that no lasting effect (such as the destruction of a starship) resulted from the battle.