Fort Orrus was a stronghold of the House of Organa, one of the Great Houses of Alderaan, located in the Alsakan Lowlands on the planet Alderaan. During the Alderaan Civil War the Fort was captured by the Great House of Thul, but was eventually reclaimed for House Organa by a Republic aligned individual.


Fort Orrus was a military Stronghold built in the Alsakan Lowlands of the planet Alderaan. The stronghold was built up against a hilly region, with the Frostflower Path area laying before the structure and providing access to it via a small foot path. The Fort was partially built into one of the hills at its rear, a at least one room was dug into the side of the hill. Following the assault made on the Fort by the House of Thul, one of the Great Houses of Alderaan, most of the Forts walls had been destroyed, although a few damaged segments remained as well as a room built into the hill, although it was now accessible from above.[1]


During the Alderaan Civil War, the Great House of Organa controlled the Fort and garrisoned a number of its troops there. The installation, however, was attacked by forces loyal to the rival Great House of Thul. The Thul forces were led by General Varus Thul, and also aided by the Sith Lord Serrok from the Sith Empire. The attack devastated the Fort's defenses and the majority of the Organa garrison were killed in the fighting. Those who survived were captured by the Thul troops, who remained in the ruined Fort after their victory. The Fort was soon reclaimed for House Organa though, by an individual affiliated with the Galactic Republic who attacked the Thul forces stationed there. The individual slew a large number of Thul troopers and assault droids before freeing the Organa prisoners and locating Varus and Serrok. The individual then battled the pair, with aid arriving in the form of three members of the Organa Air Cavalry, and resulting in the death of the general and the Sith as well as the recovery of Thul battle plans.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fort Orrus first appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic, an MMORPG released by BioWare in 2011. The Fort was the setting of the quest "Reclaiming Ft. Orrus" which players of any Republic class could undertake, receiving the quest as soon as they entered the area.


Notes and referencesEdit

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