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"There's a fortress. Where they take Jedi. Where the Inquisitors come from. It's a place of torture. It's the place I escaped."
―Cere Junda to Cal Kestis[src]

Fortress Inquisitorius was a heavily armed underwater stronghold located on the moon Nur. It served as a headquarters of the Imperial Inquisitor Program. The existence of the fortress was hidden from the majority of the Empire to maintain the public perception of peace and security. In 14 BBY,[2] during the Jedi Purge, a mission took place at the fortress.[1]



Imperial DojoEdit

The Imperial Dojo served as the training room of the Inquisitorius, allowing both Inquisitors and Purge Troopers to hone their skills. The training was fear-based, dark and abusive in nature, standing in contrast to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.[1]

Detention levelEdit

Where captured Jedi were kept for interrogation, torture and experimentation. Prisoners remained confined here until they met their final abominable fate.[1]

Interrogation ChamberEdit

The central interrogation chamber was a torture room where Jedi underwent a menacing procedure to transform them into Inquisitors. The room was designed, under instruction from Emperor Sheev Palpatine himself, to psychologically and physically drain a prisoner's will, forcing them to acquiesce to the evil indoctrination of the Inquisitorius.[1]

Security systemsEdit

The systems within the Fortress were a complex network of bridges, wings, portals, and gates. The stronghold had a multi fail safe structure so that the Empire controlled every corner of the stronghold. This allowed for a quick response to any breach by a prisoner or intruder. The entire fortress could be flooded to prevent escape.[1]

Laser gatesEdit

The laser gates were a vital part of the Fortress' security system and were designed for the strict confinement of prisoners on all levels of the stronghold. After several failed, and at least one successful escape, advanced improvements were made to the system on the Grand Inquisitor's command.[1]

Submerged sectionEdit

Pressure buildup from an open airlock could force the pipes to rupture. This breach could only happen if the shield system was down, rendering it incapable of protecting the fortress.[1]

Control roomEdit

Each wing of the Fortress had maximum security and stability. This allowed for individual sections to be flooded to prevent the escape of high risk detainees. The reinforced shielding was able to withstand powerful breaches or pressure changes.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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