The Fortress of Hijarna.

The Fortress of Hijarna was the last stronghold of an ancient alien civilization. It was made of what was dubbed Hijarna stone, similar to the Hand of Thrawn on Nirauan, leading some to believe the two structures were related. It was discovered by the Fifth Alderaanian Expedition, which discovered the one thousand-year old remains of its creator's civilization, which had apparently fallen to alien invaders. Scientists speculated on the role of the fortress, with some believing it was a last-ditch defense against whatever devastated Hijarna, and others believing it was the stronghold of the invaders.

The Fortress was used as a rendezvous point by the smuggling organization of Talon Karrde, who assembled the leaders of the Smugglers' Alliance at the Fortress to plan locating a crystal gravfield trap for the New Republic. At the meeting, Niles Ferrier was revealed as a traitor.



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